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Not All Birds Fly South for the Winter

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Call us tough, call us crazy, but don’t call us snow birds. We live here all winter, and while it’s not always easy, we get a charge out of the chill in the air and the thick blanket of snow on the ground. Door County’s lush summer foliage owes everything to this dormant season. For the locals, this quieter time of year lends itself to reflection and renewal.

Our guests that visit during this time experience a special Door County, one with a little more magic than the busy summer months. As winter turns to spring, we encourage you to book a Door County getaway, and we several experiences in this month’s newsletter for you to enjoy while you’re here. 

Snow Birds in Door County

Snow Birds?

The ecology of Door County does not take the winter off. Many species of raptors can be observed hunting for food in the dormant season and the Open Door Bird Sanctuary celebrates them with its Winter Open Days. Explore the trails and learn more about our winged neighbors. 

Winter Fun at Open Door Bird Sanctuary

Frozen Door County shoreline

The Ice Experience

Higher-than-average temperatures this winter have put a damper on Door County’s ice fishing season for sure, but experiencing the County while it’s (mostly) frozen is always an inspiring experience. Those higher temperatures may make the footing more slippery, but they do allow you to spend more time out in the elements to truly appreciate the beauty of winter. Destination Door County has a great rundown of the Ice Experience in Door County:

The Ice Experience in Door County

Ice being carved at the Fire and Ice Festival in Door County

Ice Carving

Our larger city to the southwest, Sturgeon Bay, recently held their Fire & Ice festival, in which blocks of ice are turned into beautiful pieces of art with chainsaws, chisels and other tools. 

The Intricacies of Ice Carving

A hearty supper club meal in Door County

A Warm Meal

We all have to warm up sometime, and nothing brings you back to comfort like a great meal. Door County’s restaurant scene is thriving, and many of them are open in winter. Here’s an article with a few ideas to get you started:

My 9 Favorite Restaurants To Experience In Door County, Wisconsin

The Goat on a Boat for the Ice Out Contest in Sister Bay

One More Thing: Ice Out Contest

85 years ago, a tradition that puts a smile on all of our faces was born. The 2023 Goat on a Boat is out on the ice, and you can watch live here on the Sunset Cam.

85th Sister Bay Ice Out Contest Underway

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