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Staying Warm

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The holidays are behind us, the cold weather is upon us, and time seems to move a little slower. While we’re all thinking about warm summer vacations, Door County continues to offer more ways to keep warm this time of year. Below, we offer a few resources and ideas to help you plan your warm winter trip to Door County. With so much winter outdoor beauty to enjoy, these warm options are essential. As always, Open Hearth Lodge has a fire lit and ready to warm your winter – and rooms are available now. 

Door County Restaurants open in winter

Local Warmth

The great chef and seasoned traveller Anthony Bourdain offered many quotable statements about the joys of hanging out with locals when traveling, and he practiced what he preached. We think he was right, and winter in Door County is the time to do it here. 

To assist in your efforts to find a cozy spot to saddle up and enjoy some local flavor, we’ve put together a guide to the many Door County establishments that are open this winter:

Which Door County Restaurants are Open in Winter?

Goats on the roof at Al Johnson's in Sister Bay

The Unique Warmth of Al Johnson’s

Perhaps Door County’s most famous establishment, Al Johnson’s has been serving Swedish comfort food to locals and visitors alike for over 58 years. The Al Johnson’s family of establishments continues to grow, adding Stabbur Beer Garden and Skal, a new boutique, in recent years. 

NBC26’s MacLeod Hageman continues his Mac Discovers Northeast Wisconsin coverage with a special segment about Sister Bay’s famous Swedish Restaurant & Butik:

Al Johnson’s offers unique Door County experience throughout the year

Door County cocktails

Warm Beverages

Nothing warms a cold day like a cozy beverage, be it a craft cocktail, hot coffee, or something entirely different. Door County offers an amazing selection of establishments that pour all kinds of beverages designed to warm you before or after you enjoy the winter outdoors. 

Wanderlog presents a list of Door County’s excellent selection of coffee shops: The 27 best coffee shops and best cafes in Door County

With a long supper club history, Door County knows cocktails. You don’t have to go far to find one, but for a sampling of various options with lunch included, consider Door County Trolley’s Cocktail Tour.

Whether you’re just celebrating dry January or you prefer to keep away from spirits entirely, non-alcoholic options are available to you. Peninsula Pulse has you covered: In Your Glass: Dry January Never Tasted Better

One More Thing: Winter Warmth at the Lodge

Open Hearth Lodge has a knack for winter warmth, and one of the warmest places in our building is the hot tub room. It’s newly refurbished and better than ever! Even warmer is the infrared sauna in our fitness center, perfect for a therapeutic session after a workout, or anytime!

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