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Thinking Spring

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Spring is here! The big, slow melt is on and you can feel it in the air. Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it’s still pretty cold out there. The Goat on a Boat is still out there with plenty of ice preventing him from floating, but (fingers crossed) any day now…

There is much to look forward to! The forecast shows temperatures steadily increasing, and plans are underway for another big Door County summer – bigger than ever. Watching Spring unfold in Door County never fails to amaze. If you’ve never witnessed it yourself, we’ve got a place to stay!

Spring is Happening!

Door County is exciting in Spring. While the highways are still quiet and the vacationers sparse, there are many events to take advantage of. Here are just a few:

The Cherry Blossom Report tells us that buds are on the trees and the blossoming should commence in mid-May. 

Registration is still open for the Door County Half Marathon (and 5K), so lace up your shoes and get up here for a beautiful spring run!

Further down the road, but worth planning for: The 8th Annual Roofing of the Goats Parade and Festival. Celebrate the iconic Al Johnson’s goats with an entire parade and festival!

More Sister Bay!

Last month’s newsletter highlighted our wonderful town, and we’re thrilled that we’re not the only ones promoting Sister Bay. John McGivern’s Mainstreets program visits interesting communities all over the midwest, and he made a stop in our hometown last year. A preview party of the episode is planned for tomorrow at Village Hall, and the episode officially airs on April 24th. You watch the 30 second promo for the episode on John McGivern’s Mainstreets YouTube Channel, and find out where to watch the full episode here.

John McGivern’s Mainstreets

Boating is Back, but Safety First

With warmer temperatures, the ice is breaking up and moving out, and the serious fisherman are getting their boats ready to hit the water. Operating a boat is serious business, especially when water temperatures are low. It’s always smart to have the facts so you can be prepared, and these tips from USCG Petty Officer Andrew Kappler will help you stay safe on the water:

Early spring boating safety tips

Wisconsin’s Cool Thumb

Wisconsinites are blessed with amazing natural beauty state-wide. In the warm weather months, the lush green beauty of this state makes it top of the list for places to visit nationwide. That’s why we Door County residents are especially flattered when we are praised by writers from other Wisconsin destinations, especially those as gorgeous as the Chippewa Valley. This brief article highlights the beauty of Door County from a semi-local perspective. 

A Spectacular Spot: Door County Offers Endless Enjoyment

One More Thing: Goat Cams!

The goats are in warmer quarters for the duration of the winter, but there’s a great off-season use for Al Johnson’s Goat Cams – check in on Sister Bay’s waterfront and get excited for the warm water and sandy beach!

Al Johnson’s Goat Cams

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