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Plan Your Door County Itinerary

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Door County is experiencing an explosion of green as plentiful spring rains continue their work and the foliage responds by unfolding into the lush beauty that we enjoy every year. Hopefully, your reservations are made–if not, we still have availability

Door County has so much to offer that it can be a bit overwhelming. No one wants to leave Door County feeling like poor planning resulted in missed opportunities. That’s why we suggest building your itinerary now. Put together your list, add locations to your mapping app of choice, and buy tickets or make reservations to ensure you don’t miss out. Below, we’ve included some helpful resources and ideas for designing your best Door County vacation ever. You’ll thank us later!

Digital Tools Make it Easier

Smartphones and digital technology have revolutionized travel. We can take advantage of these tools to do a lot of the work of travel planning for us, allowing us to relax and enjoy our time without having to stress over what happens next. Just pick up your phone, and in a few taps you and your family are headed to your next attraction or reservation. This article covers a lot of ground, with tools suited for road trips and international travel alike, as well as non-travel-specific apps that can help make planning your vacation as easy as a few clicks. 

46 Travel Tools to Optimize Your Next Vacation

Great Hiking in Door County - Open Hearth Lodge

A Ready-Made Itinerary

If the idea of planning a Door County vacation puts you in a laid-back mindset, may we suggest letting someone else put together your itinerary? This post on lookaboutlindsay.com from a Minneapolis-based travel writer hits all the bases of great Door County institutions, as well as some new establishments and hidden gems. With 4 packed days of great attractions all over Door County, you’ll do well by following Lindsay’s advice.

Door County Summer Itinerary

The Arts are Alive in Door County

Don’t miss the opportunity to take in a world-class show during your Door County vacation. Our many entertainment venues are back in full working order, with packed schedules of nationally- and internationally-renowned musicians and entertainers. We’re proud to be able to attract talent of this caliber to our county, so take advantage and be inspired by the arts!

DCA Announces 2022-23 Season Lineup

Northern Sky Theater 2022 Season

Destination Door County: Arts & Culture

Cherries: Coming Soon!

Cherries blossoms are opening now and won’t last long. If you want to see them for yourself, hurry! Otherwise, check the Cherry Blossom Report below to keep an eye on them and see when you can schedule your cherry picking trip. 

Door County Cherries: Rustic Beauty you can Taste

One More Thing: Door County’s Generational Appeal

Door County’s unique businesses are often generational, being passed down not only to family but to former customers as well. This story features a young couple who recently took over ownership of Uncle Tom’s Candy up in Ellison Bay. Welcome to the Door County community!

Young couple’s sweet Door County story

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