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All About Sister Bay

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This newsletter has always aimed to inform, educate, and entertain with great Door County information, so you can get a few moments of Door County a month wherever you happen to be. To continue on this mission, this month’s newsletter is the first of a new series where we’ll highlight a particular community in Door County with a little history and information about what’s new. Door County is easy to get around (with gorgeous scenery to take in on every trip) so no matter which community you’re interested in checking out, we’ve got the place to stay

To start our community highlight series, it only makes sense to talk about our favorite – beautiful Sister Bay! As the growing hot spot of Door County, we have plenty to offer our visitors, as well as a tight community of locals, dedicated to making our town the county’s premiere destination. There’s a lot to see here, and we haven’t even mentioned the sunsets yet!

A Rich History on Display

One of the highlights of a visit to Sister Bay is the opportunity to take in some of the rich history of our community. The Sister Bay Historical Society and their Corner of the Past Museum gives Sister Bay visitors a fantastic look into the early settlement that would one day become the bustling, modern vacation destination we enjoy today. For a great overview of Sister Bay’s History, check out this great excerpt from a booklet published for Sister Bay’s Golden Jubilee in 1962, hosted on Sister Bay Marina’s website: 

History of Sister Bay

Architectural History – On The Move!

A great act of historic preservation was undertaken earlier this month, when several buildings were moved down Highway 42. The Historical Society continues to raise funds to cover the moving of a historic 1919 barn which was moved from Little Sister to the Society’s grounds at the corner of Highway 57 and Country Lane. Donate here to help with this historic preservation, and learn more below:

Sister Bay Gives Support for Barn Move

A Great Spring Getaway!

Winter and Spring are great times to dig in to Sister Bay’s history, but there are so many other things to do. The fish fry voted best in the county is here, our Easter egg hunt is great family fun, and for as long as there is ice, there is ice skating! Also, cherry blossoms are right around the corner, so it’s time to plan your visit (use Destination Door County’s Cherry Blossom Report). There are many, many more reasons, but here are 7 good ones:

7 Reasons to Visit Door County in the Spring

One More Thing: Get your Goat Vote In!

The water is still frozen and the goat is still out there, but the big melt is coming soon. Cast your vote at local Sister Bay businesses to win $100!

FRAMED: Whatever Floats Your Goat

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