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With the landscape frozen, the foliage dormant, and the animals (mostly) napping, winter in Door County can tend to feel lifeless, unless you know where to look. Ironically, this seeming lack of sensory input in a county that provides so much of it during the busy season allows us to focus our senses on the visual, tactile, and flavorful experiences that are within reach immediately, and just around the corner as the change of seasons arrives. This month, we take a look at just a few of the many breathtaking views, hands-on experiences, and unique culinary experiences available to everyone in Door County.

Get a Good Look at Door County

Despite being located in an area of the country that isn’t typically known for vistas, Door County’s unique geography as part of the Niagra Escarpment has created many areas with breathtaking views, both over water and over land. In recent years, we’ve supplemented these natural overlooks with man-made structures that provide an inspiring look at different areas of the county. See the distant shores of Marinette from the newly-reconstructed Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park, fully accessible to all with its 850 ramp winding through the nearby woods. Nearby along Eagle Trail, enjoy the picturesque view of Ephraim from Eagle Terrace. Get that dizzy feeling looking over the edge of the limestone cliffs of Ellison Bluff. For a more winter-friendly view, watch the thousand-footers come in from the new Maritime Lighthouse Tower in Sturgeon Bay. Soon, a favorite, once slated for demolition, will be available again to those ready to make the climb: the Potawatomi Tower. These unique sights are valuable attractions that bring joy to thousands every year, and our community is committed to their preservation to continue their use into the future. 

Lookout Towers In Door County: For Those Seeking To Climb Higher

Feel The Deep Freeze

While many bristle at the thought of getting out during the coldest part of the year and just taking it in, Door County is an exceptional place to bundle up and experience the rejuvenating effects of cold weather. You can enjoy activities the Community Snowman Build at the Fire and Ice Festival in Sturgeon Bay this weekend, cross country skiing on our many groomed trails, or simply going for a brisk hike. One can only hibernate for so long – get out and enjoy the beauty of winter!

Door County Dazzles with Winter Chill

Enjoy Good Taste!

The flavors of Door County have been written about endlessly. New restaurants are welcomed eagerly, and old favorites continue to surprise with new flavors, creating many repeat customers. The uniqueness and ingenuity of our eating establishments sets Door County apart from many other vacation destinations. We can’t wait for what is served up in 2022.

Where to Eat While Visiting Door County, Wisconsin

One More Thing: Candlelight Skiing

Door County does winter like nowhere else. Imagine skiing through an elegant course dotted with glowing candles. Although the snow is thin this year, this unique event (happening tonight!) is a can’t miss. 

Candlelight Ski at Crossroads

Spring is Coming!

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