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Technology has brought us instant access to unlimited information, which presents the opportunity to learn about any subject imaginable at any time. Instead of endlessly scrolling through mindless gossip or seeking the next source of outrage, make 2022 the year where you regain control of your attention and direct it towards self-improvement! We at Open Hearth Lodge are happy to present you with some valuable and interesting information about the subject we’re experts in: Door County.

As winter drags on and vacation plans are being made, keep learning in mind. Door County’s rich history provides endless learning opportunities. Our unique ecology is the subject of study for professionals and amateurs alike, and there is a lot to learn about the nature behind Door County’s natural beauty. Likewise, our maritime and industrial history is fascinating and informative. Read on for some great places to start as you begin to expand your knowledge about Door County:

Door County Architectural History

Strewn about our Peninsula are one-of-a-kind buildings, centuries-old structures, and offbeat places that could only exist in Door County. There is a lot of history that tells the story of generations of residents that knew what a great thing we have here, and worked hard to improve and preserve it. Destination Door County has a great list of interesting places with information to get you started before you come and visit them in person.  

Destination Door County: Architecture & Landmarks

Fun Learning for Kids

Considered to be the southernmost boreal forest in Wisconsin, The Ridges Sanctuary ranks as the most biologically diverse ecosystem in Wisconsin. With over 500 species of plants and a unique topography, The Ridges offers endless learning opportunities for all ages. Of particular note is their programming for kids this winter and spring. Learn more at Door County Pulse:

Outdoor Learning for Kids at the Ridges

They’re Learning About Us!

We love to read Door County coverage from other parts of the country, especially when that part of the county happens to be a major tourist destination. This recent article from Orlando Magazine gives a great overview of Door County for potential visitors including some history of the area and info about our natural resources and culture, in addition to some of the regular tourist favorites for eating and drinking. 

Explore Quaint Villages in Door County, Wisconsin

You Learn Something New Everyday

Did you know Door County has a Pond Hockey tournament? Well, the intent is to play on a natural pond, but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans, so the tournament will once again be held in Sister Bay at the Teresa K. Hilander Community Ice Rink. Mark this on your calendars, it will be a great event!

Door County Pond Hockey Tournament

One More Thing: One of our Own on Jeopardy!

Speaking of learning, a highly learned Door County resident made an appearance on Jeopardy! recently. 

Door County resident calls her ‘Jeopardy!’ appearance ‘a really enjoyable experience’ despite loss

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