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Late-Summer Reflection

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Kayakers in Door County

Late summer has arrived, and we’re not complaining that it brought with it some higher-than-average temperatures. A slightly-extended summer season is always welcome in Door County, and it gives us some extra time for reflection, usually conducted on our beautiful patio

Fantastic weather and a heightened enthusiasm for Door County summer being back in a big way made 2023 one of our best years yet, and there is much to look forward too. While we’re mourning our loss, we’re excited about the rest of 2023 and beyond. Read on:

Remembering John Sr.

Remembering John Sr.

Our hearts are heavy this month with the loss of our beloved founder, Dad, and Grandpa John W. Zacek. 

John Sr. and his wife, Nora, brought ambition and determination to Open Hearth Lodge when they took ownership nearly 20 years ago. John’s hard work and innovative spirit led to an expansion of the hotel and many successful years of business growth, making it possible for us to deliver the exceptional accommodations and personal service you have come to expect from us. 

John loved God, his family, Door County, and the business he built. Open Hearth Lodge has always been a family effort because John wanted his family close to him. By following what we learned from him, many of his children and grandchildren operate successful businesses all over Door County. John Sr. truly was the foundation of Open Hearth Lodge, and we’re proud to carry on the high standards that he established. 

John W. Zacek

Restore the Door County Bookmobile

Help Restore the Bookmobile

If you are of a certain age and grew up in Door County, you may remember checking out a great book from a “library on wheels” that pulled up in front of your school. The Bookmobile was a community-supported effort that brought books to rural areas of Door County and connected communities for nearly 40 years. After a breakdown in 1989, the Bookmobile was replaced by cargo vans, but the last remaining Bookmobile is currently under restoration – and you can help!

Restoring a Door County Icon

Fall is coming

The days of sunshine, ice cream and paddle boarding in the Bay have not passed us by yet, but with school buses out on the streets and average temperatures beginning to decline, it’s time to plan for fall. Door County does fall like nowhere else, with so much to see and do, and great weather in which to do it. 

20 Things to Do in Fall in Door County

Door County Candles for Maui

One More Thing: Help for Maui

Door County Candle Co. has made a name for themselves with high quality candles that help support communities in need, first with their efforts to support Ukraine, and now with a candle that benefits the relief efforts in Maui:

Door County Candle Co. creates ‘Maui’ candle, with profits going to wildfire relief efforts

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