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Cherry Time

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Door County Cherries

They’re what made Door County famous – those fun-to-pick, delicious-to-eat tart cherries that grow so well in our unique climate. The time is now: cherry picking season is upon us. The delicious fruit is ripe, local orchards are open and the cherries are going fast! 

Door County cherries are especially good for baking and cooking. You’ll find delicious dishes and desserts at our local restaurants and bakeries, but it’s always fun to make your own. This month, let’s explore some Door County cherry history:

Door County Cherry Orchard

How Cherries Became a Door County Staple

Contrary to expectations, cherries are not native to Door County. The cherry story starts with one man, Joseph Zettle, and his ambition to grow a successful and profitable crop on our unique peninsula. This fascinating story is covered in-depth on Destination Door County:

The History of Cherry-Picking in Door County

Door County Plein Air Festival

Just Plein Fun 

Our summer weather and amazing scenery make for a perfect outdoor art experience, and the Door county Plein Air Festival celebrates that fact. Kicking off next week, watch 33 artists from around the country capture beautiful landscapes and other Door County scenes in real time, and then have the opportunity to bring home some of their live Door County art for your home. 

Plein Air Festival Celebrates Tradition of Outdoor Painting

Frozen Treats available in Door County

Frozen Treats

Cherries aren’t the only treat that you can find in abundance in Door County – ice cream, gelato, and frozen custard are found all over the peninsula all summer long. While they’re all delicious, there are distinct differences among them. Frozen custard is, perhaps, the local favorite and a bit exclusive to our area due to our proximity to Milwaukee, the “unofficial frozen custard capital of the world”. Read on for the full scoop:

Gelato, Custard, Ice Cream – Oh, My!

Pickleball in Door County

One More Thing: Pickleball

Combine exercise and camaraderie with a simple and accessible game, and you have a recipe for success. The Pickelball craze is gaining in Door County:

Pickleball is picking-up in popularity in Door County

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