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Door County vacationers crave both the new and the familiar at the same time. Those of us that strive to meet the needs of our returing guests work hard to ensure consistency in their stay – our guests love to see our familiar faces, and the familiar cozy feel that Open Hearth Lodge provides. We put extra effort into ensuring that our new, dog-friendly addition closely matches the existing look and feel of the Lodge, but with a new twist geared towards guests travelling with their dogs. 
However, vacationers are always interested in the new establishments and activities available to them. It’s exciting to add a new tradition to your annual family vacation, or to try something new when you’re enjoying some time away from the grind. Below, you’ll find some articles that showcase everything that is new to Door County in 2021. Try something new this year, and then relax back at your familiar home away from home.

Lots of New Stuff

Door County continues to grow. New, unique small businesses and attractions are opening their doors regularly. This year, we’re seeing an even larger amount of cool new places to go in Door County. From new scenic lookouts to new resturants and places of lodging (though none are as cozy and dog-friendly as Open Hearth Lodge!), to new shops, wine bars, and more – Door County is thriving in 2021.

Door County adds new restaurants, hotel to classic attractions for travelers this summer

New Businesses Open Doors

Door County’s tallest building opens with views from the top, christening, speeches

Outdoor Activities in Door County

What to do Outside

Covid pushed us to invent new ways to be together outside, but Door County has always been all about the outdoors. This summer, as with every summer, there are endless opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the Door County outdoors. Here are just a few:
 Almost back to normal: Door County farmers markets return, joined by a new evening market

Free concerts in the park are returning this summer to six communities in Door County. Here’s the full schedule.

Birch Creek’s 46th Season Opens with Outdoor Concerts 

Best Places to Kayak in Door County: Everywhere!

Spend Dad’s Day in Door County

As you receive this newsletter, Father’s Day is just a matter of hours away. If you’re in Door County and need some quick ideas for fun activities, your options are plentiful. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Family Fun for Father’s Day

One More Thing: Acknowledgement from “The Door County of the East Coast”

We’ve never been fond of the “Cape Cod of the Midwest” moniker, we think Door County offers so much more. Looks like word has gotten around:

A Cape Cod in Wisconsin? Meet Door County

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