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Sunrise over the lake in Door County

The impact of a great vacation is not limited simply to the week or two that we spend away from our daily routine. It extends to the weeks of anticipation, those pangs of excitement you get when you think about your upcoming plans. It’s that childlike feeling that helps you push through any unpleasant daily tasks, knowing that each checked box is one step closer to the day that you unplug and head off for a relaxing break. 

That feeling is especially powerful when there is an obstacle in the way. We’re faced with an uncertain near-future, and we have a difficult time ahead of us. Beyond that obstacle is sunshine, and you can see it if you close your eyes. 

We send you this newsletter for this specific purpose: to put you in a Door County frame of mind. We are particularly thankful for the opportunity to execute on that mission during this crisis. 

We’re here, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in person soon.

Virtual Vacations vs Door County Vacations

Virtual Fun

In researching this item, we have been made aware that virtual vacations are a thing. As proponents of wide-open spaces and the transcendence of experiencing nature, we don’t recommend a screen-based vacation. It seems to defeat the purpose.

However, the wealth of great content online is perfect for injecting a little Door County into your living room during this time of social distancing, and Door County Today’s YouTube channel is a great place to start:

Door County Today on YouTube

Meditation on a Door County Beach

Get Inspired, Go Explore and Feel Renewed

Some of the best advice we have heard regarding our current situation is to consider the opportunity. Our lives have been upended, and while that presents challenges, there is also the chance to refocus and initiate. 

It’s a great time to concentrate on your wellbeing: mental, physical, and spiritual. Consider a new exercise regimen, perhaps one that gets you outside. Improve your eating habits, read more and find inspiration.

The new Door County Wellness Festival is the perfect event to help you learn more, with “a four-day Door County retreat filled with opportunities to get inspired, go explore and feel renewed.” The festival’s early June dates may be perfect timing for some much-needed renewal.

Door County Wellness Festival Assembles Diverse Lineup of over 30 Presenters

One More Thing

As you move forward over these next few weeks, you may feel that the vacation plans you had already booked or were planning on booking are now questionable. Family vacations are important, but we have a duty to do the right thing for those of us who are more vulnerable. News is changing quickly, but below is some current information from the CDC that you can use to make an informed decision.

CDC: Coronavirus and Travel in the United States

Open Hearth Lodge is remaining open for business. To check availability or to make reservations, click here.

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