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Door County In Winter

It’s officially the “dog days” of winter, meaning it’s the time where you may want to cuddle up with a warm, fuzzy friend and dream about your summer vacation plans. In Door County, we still have several weeks of deep freeze ahead of us, but there is a sense of anticipation increasing every day. While our many year-round businesses are still going strong, seasonal business owners are starting to set plans for the 2020 season. Meanwhile, families are booking rooms for summer, athletes are signing up for Door County’s many summer runs and races, and schedules are being released for upcoming shows and events.

This reawakening is amazing to behold. As the natural beauty of Door County awakens from months below a cover of snow to explode into lush green and deep blue, the excitement of Door County summer for vacationers begins to stir. This unique part of the year is great for a spring getaway as well – you’ll feel the excitement and get a jump on planning your summer vacation while you’re here.

2020 is in full swing, so let’s turn our thoughts to slowing down and enjoying the important things. 

Schedule Your Vacation for Maximum Enjoyment

Schedule and Plan for Maximum Relaxation

There’s a temptation to book a room and improvise the rest when you go on vacation. It’s supposed to be relaxed, so why stress about the details, right? In reality, a poorly-planned vacation can end up being quite stressful. Door County is a busy place during peak season – restaurants fill up, tours sell out, and attractions get crowded. 

To greatly increase the chances of a top-notch vacation, plan ahead. Make reservations, do research, and don’t forget to actually schedule some downtime. You can still wander and explore freely, just make sure that the details are taken care of before you leave.

The Secret to a Relaxing Vacation: Meticulous, Detailed Plans

Spring Forward in Door County

Spring Forward

While you may find yourself daydreaming about warmer weather and summer activities, the spirit of living in the moment reminds us to not forget to enjoy the natural beauty of our community in all seasons. 

Relax & Refresh with a Springtime Trip to Door County

Art Abounds in Door County, no Matter the Season

As much as we love to get out and make the most of winter in Door County, there are plenty of days in which Mother Nature has other plans. When cabin fever strikes but the weather keeps you indoors, Door County’s thriving arts scene is always there to keep you entertained, informed, and inspired. 

Door County arts: 8 ways to enjoy theater, art, books, music and movies this winter

One More Thing

There are plenty of interesting events on the agenda for early spring in Door County – here are just a few:

Leap Day Hike at Newport State Park

DCA Weekend Features Tight Folk Harmonies from The Brother Brothers; Lecture About Women’s Suffrage

Climate Change Coalition of Door County & Door County Brewing Company Host 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off

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