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Your Door County Plan

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It’s planning time. Your trip is booked (or is it?) Anticipation is building. You can sit and count the hours until it’s time to load up the car, or you can spend some time planning your vacation to make things go smoothly when you arrive. You’re in luck, because we’re here to help!

From plentiful festivals all summer long to live music performances, from gorgeous beaches to farmer’s markets, and from great restaurants to home-away-from-home accommodations, Door County has more than ever to offer to you and your family in 2023. 

Door County Cherry Blossoms

Plan for Cherries

No Door County vacation is complete without a visit to a cherry orchard. While the blossoms have peaked and now the ground is littered with white pedals, the fruit remains and is growing fast. The Cherry Tracker tells us that the best time for picking is mid July to mid August, but experience shows that that timeframe can vary by a week or two. Get your plans in the books for cherry picking!

Door County Cherry Trees Have Incredible Blossoms

Plan for What’s New

Last month we covered the news that Door County’s small business community is continuing to thrive. What makes Door County such a great community for new small businesses to set up shop? It’s more than just the vibrant tourism industry. The people who launch businesses in Door County are passionate, and in many cases they are achieving a dream – to live and work in a place that they love. This passion and dedication comes through in the products, experiences, and service they present to their customers. With this in mind, be sure to patronize the newest crop of Door County small businesses in 2023:

New Restaurants, Activities in Door County for 2023

What’s New in Business in 2023

Sailboats in Door County

Plan for Good Health

The data is clear that vacations are good for your health, but you can take it one step further by vacationing in a place that is known for being healthy. In a state that isn’t exactly known for healthy habits, Door County stands out with great quality of life and physical health statistics. Attribute it to a great sense of community in a beautiful natural setting. If you needed another reason to choose Door County for your next vacation: Door County is good for your health!

Door again ranks among healthiest counties in Wisconsin

One More Thing: Need More Help with Planning?

Destination Door County’s 2023 Destination Guide is out and available for order by mail or in a convenient digital format 

2023 Official Destination Guide

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