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Winter Fun

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The blanket of snow that covers Door County every winter is currently a bit thin, but there is undoubtedly more on the way. This is the time of the year that many Northern vacation communities hunker down and hibernate before they prepare for the upcoming summer season. Not Door County. If you’ve never stayed here in winter, you are missing out!

Until you’ve experienced snowshoeing through Peninsula State Park, ice fishing on Green Bay, hockey and ice skating at the Sister Bay Ice Rink, and stargazing on a clear winter night, you haven’t really experienced all that Door County has to offer. Much like the ecosystem of Door County, which is refreshed each year by a deep freeze and the subsequent thaw, vacationing in winter in Door County is a peaceful, regenerative experience for body and soul. You’ll find endless options for winter outdoor activities, great year-round restaurants (offering takeout and curbside pickup), and a cozy room waiting for you after your busy day (we recommend a King Whirlpool Room and one of our great winter specials). Here are just a few ideas for your winter adventure:

Get Fat

The over-indulging of the holiday season may have you interpreting our catchy headline in a different way, but we’re talking about hitting the trails on a fat-tire bike. There are great biking trails all over the County, and several places from which to rent a bike. With a lower learning curve than cross-country skiing, and more excitement than snowshoeing, the rise of fat-tire bikes has been thoroughly embraced by Door County visitors. 

Fat-tire bikes are extremely versatile and don’t require highly-groomed trails or heavy snow cover, so your options for trails are abundant, and you can ride them on paved trails and streets as well. Learn more about this new winter activity below:

Bike This: Skyline Road to Sven’s Bluff (Even in Winter)

Time to Get Fat – on the Bike Trails

Snowshoeing at its Best

Perhaps we didn’t spend enough time in the intro extolling the virtues of the Door County winter. In case you think we’re a bit biased, here’s an article from the people at Snowshoe Magazine – they seem to agree wholeheartedly. If you’re already convinced, be sure to check out their First-Timer’s Guide before strapping on your shoes and hitting the trails. 

Recharge in Wisconsin’s Winter Wonderland – Picturesque Door County

Take It In

Sometimes we opt for a more low-key winter outing, when we can take in the quiet, serene beauty of Door County in winter. The Peninsula offers abundant locations where you can see breathtaking sights that are even more amazing during the deep freeze of winter. 

Within these sights are the wildlife that call Door County home during the winter. Birdwatching is one of the best ways to learn about the County’s unique ecosystem, with rarely-seen species making an appearance from time to time. 

Door to Nature: Rare Winter Bird Visitors

One More Thing: Open Hearth Expansion Update

Construction continues on our new pet-friendly expansion! Next month, we’ll have more information on what to expect from these new rooms, and when you can make reservations!

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